We offer several customized service packages to suit your needs. The Basic Service is our minimum level service for bikes in good condition. The Mobile Bike Tune Up provides extra needed care to help insure your bikes are ready for what lies ahead!

New & Used Bike Assembly, Flat Prevention
Parts & Accessories, Comfort Enhancement, Multi-Bike Discounts

Basic Service
Bike Inspection
Wipe down bike frame
Lubricate derailleurs & chain
Adjust and align shifting
Adjust and align brakes
Set tire pressure
Road test upon completion

Mobile Bike Tune Up
Includes Everything in Basic Service Plus:
Low pressure bike wash and cleaning
Lubricate & inspect shift cables
Lubricate and wipe down chain
Wheels trued (laterally on bike)
Check and/or adjust headset
Check and/or adjust bottom bracket
Reset brake and shift cable tension
Road test upon completion
$69.00 – (3) bikes or more; $59.00 each!*

*Save $10 per bike with our Group Tune

Flat Repair: $7.00  This Flat Repair Labor Charge Applies When Done At The Same Time As Your Basic Service Package Or Tune Up.

The above packaged service prices are for the specified labor only. Your bike may require additional parts and/or labor to complete the job; such as inner tube, brake pads, cable and housings, wheel repair, chain or tire; there is an additional charge for these and other requested items.

Extensive cleaning of any part on your bike is not included in tune up service, see our Mobile Bike Pro Overhaul below for bikes requiring additional cleaning and reconditioning.

Service prices listed above apply only for standard two wheel pedal bikes; prices and services vary for E-bikes, trikes, recumbents, tandems and special needs bikes.

Comfort Enhancement
Fitting your bike to you so it is more comfortable and safe. Price below applies when done at the same time as package service. Additional costs for parts and accessories.

Mobile Bike Pro Overhaul
Includes Mobile Bike Tune Up plus; precision wheel truing, additional cleaning of your bike and drive train (on bike) & wax and polish bike frame. Install new inner cables & housings (shift/brake). Clean and adjust both front and rear hubs; install fresh grease and new loose bearings.

TUBE PRICES (parts only):
Standard* Schrader Valve Tube $8.00
Standard Tube w/Slime $14.00
Heavy Duty Thorn Resistant (Std.) $14.00
Heavy Duty T/R w/Slime (Std.) $19.00
Standard Presta Valve Tube $9.00
Standard Presta Tube w/Slime $15.00
Heavy Duty T/R w/Slime (Kids 16″) $14.00
Heavy Duty;Thorn Resistant (Kids 16″) $11.00

Note: *Standard tube size is (26 X 2.0); tube prices vary based on size.

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